Selasa, 27 September 2016

Unforgettable Moment

When I Go Umrah
         It all started when i was in sixth grade of elementary school in Jakarta City before the national exam or usually kniown as UN started me and my family go to mecca. The Islamic trip to mecca it's called umrah, now there are two kinds that is haji and umrah, for haji you need to be at least an adult in islam terms but for umrah there are no minimum age or you need to be an adult first so you can go to umrah at any age. Umrah take at least a week or more, usually it takes 10 days so i need to skip school for a week. I went to mecca as i remember it's monday at 5 Am. around 6 am i arrive at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport just an hour before the departure. 

       While i wait for the departure me and my mom go take a walk or you can say sightseeing well even though i buy some food like rice and bread and meat until i'm finally full. It's finally the time for departure i was very anxious and scared because it's my first time ride a plane so two experience the same time, you're asking what's the second experience it's the first time i ever go to another country, exciting right? well it was one experience. Alhamdulillah the take off was safe when it's on the air at first i feel so scared of falling but as time goes i feel more and more bettter, the flight takes about 8 hours.

         Finally i arrived at madinah first i was feeling so happy to go out of Indonesia for the very first time. The first time we do is to take a bus to the hotel in Mecca. Now it's another struggle to go to the hotel because it's pretty far from the airport and take around 6 hours. Finally after many hours feeling tired in the bus me and my family finally reached the hotel and when i first arrive at the hotel because i was tired so i instantly go to bed and sleep. At the morning i woke up and pray subuh at Masjidil Haram, when i arrive there it's not so beautiful like now still simple but the feeling there it's so relaxaxing and calm. Prayer subuh done we all not instantly go back to hotel but stay in the mosque a little bit longer until around 6 am just to feel the moment and feeling. Then we go out to search breakfast we eat chicken that sauce was mecca special sauce that can only be found in mecca, the chicken was so gooood even until now i still remember the taste. then on noon all of us do tawaf that is go around the ka'bah 7 times. It was very very crowded and very very hot i was so tired but the same time i feel happy too. Time pass and now it's dzuhur already so we pray dzuhur at masjidil haram again. Then we go out around 2 am to go search for food again, this time we try cane bread. usually people eat the bread with goat meat in kari soup. we spent the rest of the days shopping around there and praying

       The next day not tawaf this time but sa'i, what is sa'i? it's an activity you do at umrah to walk between shafa and marwah hills around 7 times. At first i feel so excited until the 4th or 5th time i walk i feel so tired then my father take me to a gallon that was filled with zamzam water, i drink it and "wudhu" with the water, around 5 minutes later i suddenly full of energy again and feeling so excited so i continue the walk until i finished it. after that i do tahallul that is cut some hair to complete the umrah. The umrah was finished but the trip wasn't finished before we go to jeddah 2 days later we stayed in mecca first to buy some souvenir and others thing. Like try the culinary in there or another.

       The next day at mecca we pray like usual and after that we go to the hotel and stayed in there for until noon. Then we go out to try the food like the chicken i first said that was soo good and other menu but i can't seem to remember it even though i remember it all tastes so good and then while me and my family walk around sightseeing i see a flock of bird's, pigeon bird's. I wanted to go there and feed them so badly until i buy the bird food and when i feed them i will never forget that because the bird's most of them gather around me and take the food in my hand, i feel so excited and happy and scared at the same time. Then we go to Jeddah

      Finally we arrive at Jeddah, at there the hotel was so beautiful just like Jeddah itself so beautiful. We take a walk and sightseeing at Jeddah to buy some things and try the culinary in there, i buy a watch in there it was so cool, i still have it until now even though it doesn't fit in my hands anymore, i still keep it because it was full of memory that i didn't want to throw away. we stayed at Jeddah for around one and a half days just to wait to go back to Indonesia. The time finally came to go back to Indonesia this time i'm not so scared at first riding the plane like the first time. Alhamdullilah the trip was safe and we all go back to Indonesia safely. It was one experience, well that's all. See you!


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