Selasa, 20 September 2016

Megantara Festival

My Experience

Hello friends! Today I’m gonna tell you about my megantara experience, before we get started what is megantara? Maybe some of you atre asking that , well it’s 3 Bandung Senior Highschool culture festival at 10th september 2016 that take place in bali field on Bali.St . I was committee that take cares of the food or more exactly known as foodfest comitte division. Well like I said because I’m a committee that means I must came to bali field at 6 am even though the event start at 11.30 am, why do I need to go to the place so eaely in the morning? Because I need to take care the food that I was taking care of. The food that I was taking care of is pempek it’s an Indonesian traditional food that was owned by miss reka. At around 7 am she came with the other workers to load the things that gonna be used at the festival. Well the loading finished around 8 am. Well until the event is started and the gate is opened all of the comitte take care any others thing even if it’s not their divison assignment. I helped the decoration divison to put the decoration in the place, I helped until the gate was opened around 11.30 am. The event started peacefully for us foodfest divison until around 1 am that 2 stand that stands next to each other have the exactly same menu that is fried rice. Now this is a real deal, I don’t want to say the names of the stand right so let’s just say stand 1 and stand 2. The right one is stand 1 and the wrong one is stand 2 but stand 2 insisted that they are the right one. How did this happen? Well it was a miscommunication to the stand 2, they said that their menu will not be fried rice buttt when the event started he lied, he put the fried rice in the menu. That problem haven’t even finished another problem showed up, that pempek wants to move it’s stand because that was no buyer. But we can’t do that because pempek have it’s own field and the other to have their own field so we can’t but she still insist to move. Well a decision need to be made, in order to do that we need to discuss this first so all of us gathered at bangsal to discuss this thing. Well in the end a decision finally been made that pempek just simply can’t move the stand and we try to say it to the owner as polite as possible and hoping that around 5 or 6 pm that many people will come to the event and they will have many costumer. About fried rice the problem finally finished with a conclusion reached that the stand 2 will change their menu. It’s just a matter about time to wait how it all gonna go. Well eventually around 6 pm just like we said before the guest star came in many people started ti came and many people started to buy pempek. From that it all went smooth, no more problem just enjoy the show and the artist. I like changchuters the most because their performance was fun and not boring it was very fun, after changchuters play next one is RAN, RAN too is nice just that their style is jazz love and romantic well how to say it I’m still single he. After the guest stars the event finished and before I go home all commite must gather at bangsal to evaluate the event. Well in the end it was a succes and all went good and smooth. And finally I go home at 11.30 pm feeling fun but very tired.

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