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Parangtritis Beach
Parangtritis is a popular tourist beach and village area on the southern coast of Java in the Bantul Regency within the province of the Yogyakarta Special Region. There is a good road to the area which is about 30 km south of the city of Yogyakarta, located just on the border between Bantul and Gunung Kidul regencies.

It’s a very common place to visit if you are in Yogyakarta well it’s because it is a very beautiful place especially when it’s sunrise or sunset, Well it’s so beautiful when you see it with your own eyes not from the picture why? Because you’ll get a feeling that you can’t get from looking at the picture itself.

 So when you first enter the beach you see a big sign that says “ Pantai Parangtritis” that’s an iconic place for  you to take a picture, well usually the tourist did that. Then you go in the beach you’ll see the view so beautiful such as clear skies and clear waters. At the beach you can swim or either just sit down and relax, but that’s not all there are many fun things to do not just swim and surf, such as riding an ATV or parasailing or like ride a horse or maybe us Indonesians know it as “delman”. But be careful because the sand in this beach so slippery and pretty deep, so it’s gonna be a little hard when you ride an ATV and don’t go into the water when you ride one. And don’t forget the culinary it’s so delicious such as crabs, shells and other seafood foods.

Maybe it is such a beautiful place and iconic photoshoot place but every place has it legends, mysteries, or horror stories. Well this beach have a legend or maybe a myth. Parangtritis is a place that said you can meet the legendary “Nyi Roro Kidul” or the queen of the south.
 Local people warns visitors not to wear green clothes or the queen is likely to try to make  the person who wears it drown into the ocean. Even though i say we can swim at parangtritis but at reality, the beach is not really a good swimming beach. Drownings are sometimes happened at Parangtritis, usually because many Indonesians have never had the opportunity to learn to swim and the strong waves. Now to if there’s a legend there’s also a ceremony that usually helds once a year for “Nyi Roro Kidul”, for this ceremony everyone who’s gonna do it needs to wear green clothes because the legend says the queen of the south always wear green clothes. Well that’s all, see you!

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