Senin, 03 April 2017

Dewa Athena

What is Dewa Athena?
So Dewa Athena is an annual event in 3 high school Bandung, usually dewa athena is held once a year or so. Well dewa athena is a kind of sport competitions event such as football, basketball, soccer and many more, even the traditional games, and what i mean by competition is that a class must face another class until finally one class reaches the top and claim the winner title. Well for simple dewa athena is a sport event.

How is this happened?
Because OSIS held the event and the system is that a class must fave another class in a sports game and it goes on an on like that until finally two class remains and fights for the top.

Why is it Important?
Because it's a must to do event or an obligatory event for 10 and 11 grader, and there's also an absent that will be inputted to P.E score, and it's also important because we need to respect and come to schools event such as this, and because it fun.

When it is held?
It's held annually every year, but for this year it helds at 23-25 march and 1&8 april of 2017

What contribution do we need to do for the event?
We need to play in a sports game with our class against another class, there are many variations such as basketball, soccer, running and even traditional games. For me i play basketball, Gobak sodor(a traditional game), and relay running

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