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What did You do During Holiday?

My Holiday

Hey guys so now i'm gonna tell you about my holiday

So on 23 december of 2016 i got my first semester report card, so the holiday was from 24 december 2016 until 9 January 2017, well my report card was not that good and not that bad so it wasn't bad and luckily I didn't get SP or Kontru because if got one I wouldn't have a holiday. So after I got my report card I instantly go to Jakarta to my family, I spent all my holiday in Jakarta, well the first day of holiday I didn't go anywhere because I was tired so i'm just gonna go to places the next day.

On 25 december i go to puncak with family to have a vacation because on the 2rd January of 2016 i need to remove my tonsils (amandel) because it was pretty bad so let's talk about it later. On puncak at first we want to hike the mountain I forgot it's name but there was traffic jam bad, very bad even the cars move a little bit by bit so because of the traffic we decided to eat first at a restaurant named Shinta Satay well the food is very delicious, while we take a rest and pray we think where will we go until we decided just to go to an amusement park called Matahari Park. At there were so many things to do like rafting or riding a trail motorcycle and many other things. At that time i really want try kayak and the trail motorcycle so i just ride those two from all other things. then we stayed there pretty  long before going home at 5pm but because of the traffic again i got home at 8pm and after i got home i went straight to bed.

The next day because i was still pretty tired i just stayed at home until 2pm then i go to Pacific Place mall to watch the new star wars movie at 4pm, the movie was very good and fun even though my mom didn't understand it and we just stayed there until 9pm then i go to my father work's place to pick-up my father.

Well for 27-28 december 2016 it was pretty boring because i didn't go anywhere maybe just the mall or at a cafe just to kill time or sometimes just stayed at home watch some movies, but on the 29 december it was a fun day because i went to bounce street jakarta and played there with my family for the whole day but i didn't take a picture because my handphone battery died so i just played there for the whole day

on the last day of 2016 i got no idea where to celebrate the new years eve, then my father ask me to celebrate it with my father at telkomsel it was very fun and i went home at 2am in the morning. now i already said i will have a tonsil operation at 2 January 2017 well it didn't go that well the operation so i was treated in the hospital pretty long a week or so.

I got out from the hospital at 8 January 2017 but because my condition was in pretty bad shape the doctor told me not to go to school for a week, so that's why i didn't go to school for a week. So my tonsil was sewn in the inside so for a week i need to eat soft food like porridge and other things. It was pretty bad so in the end i finally go to school at 16 of January 2017.

Thank You!

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