Minggu, 07 Agustus 2016

It's me!

Assallamualaikum Guys, Well this is the first time i created a blog so i'm kinda new at this kinda thing because this is the first time i created a blog let me introduce myself
My name is Razi Ashary you can call me Razi, well i was born in Jakarta 22nd of may 2001 so i'm 15 years old. Yes, i came from jakarta even though i school in bandung, i live on apartemen gateway cicadas, ahmad yani. i moved to bandung when i first started middle school in 5 junior highschool well that was about 2013 i guess , so that means i've been living in bandung for about 3 and a half year. My parents usually in Jakarta but when they have the chances they go to visit me and my sister in Bandung. Oh yeah! i forgot to tell you that i live with my sister in Bandung. Her name is Athira Fajrina she was an alumnist of 3 senior highschool! well now she's in College. my father is from banten which is sundanese and my mother is from sumatera which make her bataknese so i'm half sundanese and half bataknese, well quite interesting right? now over with my family let's talk about me
My hobby is playing basketball and soccer, but what i like the most is riding motorcycle. Well my favorite food is chicken, yes i like chicken the most. My favourite colors are red and blue it's because both of it either have a bright colour or a dark colour. My kind of music is edm, and jazz-rock pretty different than the other yeah? well about my future i'm not so sure about it, i don't have a clear vision about it like what i gonna became in the future and what lesson i'm gonna take once i'm in college, i'm just gonna go along and see what i'll became. At first when i enter senior highschool i feel pretty sad because me and my friends separated, we went into different schools but it didn't take long for the sadness to go away because of my new friends are fun and funny. Even though i have new friends i won't forget my old friends in middle school because old are gold right?
Well i just hope that in my new school i can change to be a better person, have new friends and play with them, have good grades and just literally everything. I always believe with no doubt that Allah will and always helps me in everything as long as i don't give up no matter how hard it is because a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

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